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Timeline World War 1

Timeline WW1, a definitive history of the First World War for the iPad, brings to life the events of 100 years ago for a 21st century audience. This innovative app features an amazing interactive timeline that revolutionizes the way that history can be viewed and understood.

Over 100 films from international news archives, additional commentary by Dan SnowRobert MacNeilPeter FitzSimonsDan Snow, over 500 still images and 1000 written entries give the viewer an insight into the events of WW1 in a way never before possible.

Whatever your level of knowledge or interest, the Timeline WW1 app allows you to understand and experience this first truly global war for yourself.

iPad App Features

  • The zoomable interactive timeline allows you to explore the events of WW1 in a revolutionary new way.

  • Search and filter the event timeline to focus on content that most interests you, for example "The Battle of the Somme", "WW1 on film" or "the war in the air".

  • The interactive map allows you to search and locate information on countries and battles across the globe. Animated battle maps show how each of the key battles progressed.

  • Use the 'link to map' feature on timeline items to see where each event took place on the world map, zoom in and move around the map - tap on any of the icons to find out more.

  • Over 100 WW1 films from the declaration of war to the celebrations of November 1918 bring the events of WW1 to life.

  • Many of the films and images are accompanied by Dan SnowRobert MacNeilPeter FitzSimonsDan Snow's commentaries covering the importance of each event and putting it in context for the modern viewer.

  • Your personal WW1 documentary: watch the films that interest you in the order of your choosing, either on your iPad, or on your television with AirPlay.

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